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                                                                                                Richard Garcia


A great achievement from this very talented musician and his band. They all do an admirable job of maintaining a great vibe throughout and pushing the limits of the compositions, displaying great maturity and poise. Richard is the type of musician who will be popping up on everyone’s radar in the near future, and this recording will prove to be the first step into what I’m sure will be a very rewarding career
— Miguel Zenon

*What it Means to Me*  

“Don’t Look Back”, is a motto that has always crept into my mind while approaching each milestone in my life. These words have helped me to understand that there is always a forward and positive sense of growth. I have always tried to achieve this throughout my life, music being the main vehicle for it. It’s as simple as it sounds; whenever you feel overwhelmed, stressed, frustrated, confused, or at a loss for hope, know there is a preconceived, positive plan laid out for you from your maker. I always like to envision my goals, accomplishments, and success multiple steps in advance to ensure that when I start, that I am already sprinting. “Don’t Look Back” is not a means to forget or ignore what is around you or what has happened, but rather a means to move at a positive, productive, and forward pace. This allows you to help yourself while bringing others along toward a feeling of awareness and success in any aspect of life.

When I use to hear Richard Garcia play every week at New England Conservatory he always played something unexpected. He always surprised me with his invention. This recording of his is exactly that. The compositions and playing by all the members is magic. Magic is one of the elements I love about music and this CD has it throughout.
— Jerry Bergonzi